Band Together as Eastern Michigan Athletes!

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Path to Reinstatement

We need you to stay engaged.  Sign up for our email updates. Keep calling and emailing President James Smith, Athletic Director Scott Wetherbee, and EMU Board of regents.  We are forming 501c3 non-profit organizations to fundraise for our efforts.  Follow us and engage on social media!

How I Can Help

We need donations to fund our reinstatement efforts

What’s the plan?

We will continue to pressure the administration in every way, using every communication method, we will protest, we will rally, we will petition, we will fight, we will expose their corruption to the world using this website and all social networks. Athletic Director Scott Richard Wetherbee, President James Smith, and Board of Regents Chair James Webb do not represent or listen to the EMU community.


Not for Profit Formation

We are in the process of forming a not-for-profit to benefit the eliminated sports as we begin our fight against EMU.  We will be fundraising to restore the programs.  We want a Better EMU!  More details to follow.

Lawsuits in progress

Numerous lawsuits are in progress.  Namely:

Title IX

The disparity between the men’s programs and women’s programs at EMU caused a Title IX complaint.  We will post details when we have them

Open Meetings Act

Due to the actions by EMU admin making decisions in the dark, this caused a lawsuit filed against them.  More details about this law is available here:

Resource Center coming soon

With our social network footprint increasing, we will be offering images and resources as we begin the fight against the EMU administration.

Freedom of information act budget document due April 27th

We requested the budget document used to justify the cuts made on March 20th 2018.  This document has not been shared publicly and should reveal what numbers the university used.  We will keep you all updated.

RALLY AGAINST CUTS on April 16th 2018 at 6:00pm

We are hosting a rally to support our athlete and coaches on April 16th at 6:00pm.  Come show your support!!!  We need all alumni, parents, students, and athletes out for this one!

Revised Wrestling “Game Expenses” released

EMU has released a statement stating that the $292,662 number was in fact incorrect.  The correct number was $12,362.  With this change, the EMU Accounting Professor Howard Bunsis athletic budget reveals that EMU would actually SAVE $61,327 by keeping the four sports!  This means that cutting the sports puts them in a worse financial situation.

Rebuilding @EMUWrestling Twitter content

Please contact us with any content saved from the twitter account @EMUathletics recently deleted, we are searching online for archives and will be posting updates in a new section.  EMU cannot silence us.  This fight will not end. Do the right thing, EMU.

Old link takes you here:




Ironically the image above was EMU softball supporting EMU Wrestling.


EMU Wrestling

Eastern Michigan Cut The Men’s Swimming Program, Here’s What Students Have To Say About It

The men’s swim team is the most decorated team on campus with 34 MAC titles since the program started, winning conference 3 out of the last 4 years. Students are devastated and have turned to social media as an attempt to save the program. They want their voices to be heard.

EMU Swim and Dive thank Alumni in new video



EMU Students confront University President over cuts

About 100 students rallied in the rain Tuesday afternoon, marched up to the second floor of Welch Hall, and confronted the president of Eastern Michigan University.

They made seven demands. They want EMU to find ways to keep four sports teams the school plans to cut next school year to save money. The cuts announced last week are part of a larger effort to close a budget deficit.

Swimming World article about how Arizona restored it’s Men’s Swim Team

Lots of good information, we’ll write up a synopses later

EMU Swimmers & Divers – Help Save Us Video

EMU Swim and Dive

Help us #saveemuswimanddive!

Posted by Save EMU Men's Swim and Dive on Monday, March 26, 2018

EMU Athletes and Students take action

List of demands being given to the president tomorrow at 12 there will be a rally outside Welsh hall, please if you can come even for 15 minutes come. The more people the better. Wednesday at 1 there is a sit in outside the presidents office as many people as possible again. And Thursday there will be a walk out if there is still no response from the president.

EMU Swim & Dive Launch Etsy Store to Fundraise

Eastern Michigan Men’s Team launches an Etsy store to fundraise and raise awareness for the team

Gathering information about EMU Board of Regents Meeting

We’ve been advised that since the Board of Regents voted to cut the teams, our best option is to petition them to reinstate them during the April 20th, 2018 Meeting.  We will be gathering information on how to best influence the members before and during the meeting.

Link to a ford to fill out and address the board of regents:

EMU Shuts Down Wrestling Twitter

EMU shuts down wrestling twitterIn a gut punch to the online legacy of the wrestling team since 2011, EMU didn’t just make a final post indicating the team was cut.  It shut down the twitter account associated with the EMU Wrestlers.  By taking this action this removes some great content the University created over the last 7 years.  It also makes it kinda awkward when we get EMU Wrestling reinstated, they will need to track down all that old content and apologize to their student athletes and alumni.  Here is one of the last images posted:

EMU Wrestling

At this time, the official twitter for EMU swim and dive is still up and running.  We anticipated that the posts for the Men’s team would be removed, we’ll see how heartless EMU chooses to be on this topic.  EMU, keep the posts up.  This is EMU sports history that can live on in the digital world.

EMU Swimmers & Divers recognized at Michigan Swimming Meet

Unfortunately the audio from the announcer at EMU isn’t very clear, but the swimmers were brought out on the bulkhead during the M.I. State Meet hosted at the Michael H. Jones Natatorium at Eastern this past weekend.  During the recognition, the legacy of the program and it’s coaches were recognized.  We’re very proud of the Eastern Michigan Men’s team and its Alumni.

Free Press article about Wrestling and EMU’s cuts

Diverse article with some brutal statements from other high school coaches including Todd Cheney, a 1998 graduate at EMU and wrestling coach at Hartland, is telling his athletes not to attend the school until they re-evaluate its decision.

EMU video of Scott Weatherbee announcing cuts

Enough to make us vomit over here.  Thanks for the tears

Swimming World Magazine post

Swimming world magazine highlighted the fundraising efforts of the Eastern Men’s team.

EMU posts frequently asked questions about the cuts

The frequently asked questions are available here:

Nothing especially new.  A commitment to the Mid American Conference, etc.

Eastern Athletic budget details needed

We’ve been unable to locate EMU athletic budget details.  We need a detailed report.  Reach out and help us get this data so we can continue to investigate this athletic team mismanagement.

Contact us

Character – Scott Weatherbee – Athletic Director

Scott Weatherbee is the Athletic Director at Eastern Michigan since 2016.  His short involvement has tragically enabled him to have very little connection with the legacies built at EMU far before his tenure.  Scott was the one crying at the formal announcement.  I’m sure it was an emotional moment, but mark my words, if he had any idea the legacy he killed when terminating these teams, he would have quit his $269,000/year salaried job before he shed a tear.  Luckily our tax dollars for this public university can afford him plenty of facial tissue to wipe up his tears.

It was reported that Scott got a $25,000 bonus if he cut 4 athletic programs.  We will be reviewing his contract and verifying this report.  Results will be posted.  EDIT: Here is the contract: Scott Weatherbee Contract PDF

Scott Weatherbee crying us a river while delivering the news:

A news article about Weatherbee’s hiring from the Detroit News:

Characters in this Mess

News posts will begin to highlight characters in this mess.  This will include administrators at EMU that have caused this situation or have not taken appropriate action to represent the student population properly.  The goal of highlighting these individuals will be to enable visitors to take action and make their voices heard.

The news post that broke hearts and ruined lives

On March 20th, 2018, a day that will now remind me of how Eastern Michigan abandoned it’s athletes, the University announced cutting four teams.  The official statement is here:

Eastern Michigan University announced today, March 20, that it will reduce its intercollegiate athletic program by four sports, effective at the end of the 2018 spring season. The action is being taken as part of the University’s overall budget restructuring efforts.

Affected by the decision are the sports of softball, men’s swimming and diving, women’s tennis, and wrestling. With the change EMU, which previously led the MAC with 21 sports, will now have 17 sports (seven men’s sports and 10 women’s sports). This action in no way impacts Eastern’s affiliation with the Mid-American Conference (MAC).

The move affects 58 male student- athletes and 25 female student-athletes, and once realized an expense reduction of approximately $2.4 million. – EMUEAGLES.EDU