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EMU Swimmers & Divers – Help Save Us Video

EMU Swim and Dive

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Posted by Save EMU Men's Swim and Dive on Monday, March 26, 2018

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EMU Athletes and Students take action

List of demands being given to the president tomorrow at 12 there will be a rally outside Welsh hall, please if you can come even for 15 minutes come. The more people the better. Wednesday at 1 there is a sit in outside the presidents office as many people as possible again. And Thursday there will be a walk out if there is still no response from the president.

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Gathering information about EMU Board of Regents Meeting

We’ve been advised that since the Board of Regents voted to cut the teams, our best option is to petition them to reinstate them during the April 20th, 2018 Meeting.  We will be gathering information on how to best influence the members before and during the meeting.

Link to a ford to fill out and address the board of regents:

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EMU Shuts Down Wrestling Twitter

EMU shuts down wrestling twitterIn a gut punch to the online legacy of the wrestling team since 2011, EMU didn’t just make a final post indicating the team was cut.  It shut down the twitter account associated with the EMU Wrestlers.  By taking this action this removes some great content the University created over the last 7 years.  It also makes it kinda awkward when we get EMU Wrestling reinstated, they will need to track down all that old content and apologize to their student athletes and alumni.  Here is one of the last images posted:

EMU Wrestling

At this time, the official twitter for EMU swim and dive is still up and running.  We anticipated that the posts for the Men’s team would be removed, we’ll see how heartless EMU chooses to be on this topic.  EMU, keep the posts up.  This is EMU sports history that can live on in the digital world.

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EMU Swimmers & Divers recognized at Michigan Swimming Meet

Unfortunately the audio from the announcer at EMU isn’t very clear, but the swimmers were brought out on the bulkhead during the M.I. State Meet hosted at the Michael H. Jones Natatorium at Eastern this past weekend.  During the recognition, the legacy of the program and it’s coaches were recognized.  We’re very proud of the Eastern Michigan Men’s team and its Alumni.

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