Not for Profit Formation

We are in the process of forming a not-for-profit to benefit the eliminated sports as we begin our fight against EMU.  We will be fundraising to restore the programs.  We want a Better EMU!  More details to follow.

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Lawsuits in progress

Numerous lawsuits are in progress.  Namely:

Title IX

The disparity between the men’s programs and women’s programs at EMU caused a Title IX complaint.  We will post details when we have them

Open Meetings Act

Due to the actions by EMU admin making decisions in the dark, this caused a lawsuit filed against them.  More details about this law is available here:

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Revised Wrestling “Game Expenses” released

EMU has released a statement stating that the $292,662 number was in fact incorrect.  The correct number was $12,362.  With this change, the EMU Accounting Professor Howard Bunsis athletic budget reveals that EMU would actually SAVE $61,327 by keeping the four sports!  This means that cutting the sports puts them in a worse financial situation.

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Rebuilding @EMUWrestling Twitter content

Please contact us with any content saved from the twitter account @EMUathletics recently deleted, we are searching online for archives and will be posting updates in a new section.  EMU cannot silence us.  This fight will not end. Do the right thing, EMU.

Old link takes you here:




Ironically the image above was EMU softball supporting EMU Wrestling.


EMU Wrestling

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Eastern Michigan Cut The Men’s Swimming Program, Here’s What Students Have To Say About It

The men’s swim team is the most decorated team on campus with 34 MAC titles since the program started, winning conference 3 out of the last 4 years. Students are devastated and have turned to social media as an attempt to save the program. They want their voices to be heard.

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EMU Students confront University President over cuts

About 100 students rallied in the rain Tuesday afternoon, marched up to the second floor of Welch Hall, and confronted the president of Eastern Michigan University.

They made seven demands. They want EMU to find ways to keep four sports teams the school plans to cut next school year to save money. The cuts announced last week are part of a larger effort to close a budget deficit.

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